Pendant and Earring Sets

Pendant and Earring Sets

These sets include a hand crafted, fused glass pendant and matching earrings with an 18" silver or gold plated serpentine chain.

All items are original and one-of-a-kind. The item shown in the photo is the item that you purchase.



Large Square (3PS748)


Magenta and blue dichroic on a black base with bold white squiggles.  Comes with matching earrings and an 18" sterling chain...


Long Rectangle Set (3PS744)


Royal blue peacock design dichroic pendant.  Comes with matching earrings and an 18" sterling chain.


Square Set (3PS745)


Focal pendant is pink, gold and blue dichroic glass with matching earrings.  Comes with an 18" sterling chain.


Square Set (3PS723)


Square translucent mirror image pendant in wispy threads of yellow, orange and white, with gold plated bail and 18" chain. ...


Long Rectangle Set (3PS737)


Long rectangle pendant encloses free form shapes in orange, black, white and cream.  Has silver plated ornate bail, and come...


Rectangle Set (3PS738)


Rectangle pendant and earrings in shades of red and gold.  Comes with 18" gold plated chain.


Rectangle Set (3PS735)


Mirror image 'Butterfly" in orange, yellow and browns with matching earrings.  The bail is silver plated and comes with ster...


Round Set (3PS721)


Round pink and gold fireworks with matching earrings set on heavy silver plated copper.  Comes with sterling silver 18" chai...


Teardrop Set (3PS739)


Teardrop pendant and earrings with silver plated bail.  Comes with sterling silver 18" chain.


Wedge Set (3PS729)


Wedge pendant in turquoise, golds and deep blues, with sterling silver 18" chain.


Oval Set (3PS724)


Oval mirror image set in oranges, yellows and creams.   Pendant is set on silver plated copper setting, with sterling silver...


Waterfall set (3SP713)


Deep purple and violet waterfall set with black neck cord